Marine Fuels

Delivering energy on a global scale!
Providing versatility with back to back trading!


Amidst the ever-changing marine fuel environment Gram Marine competes against the major players in the market and succeeds.

We’re able to facilitate supplies fuel deliveries globally but continue to expand our network of suppliers, focusing only on quality-oriented marine fuel producers.
We mainly handle a boutique portfolio of mainly Greek clients that choose us not only for our price efficiency but clarity of procedure as well. Gram Marine has no physical locations of supply, yet.

List of Services

Marine Lubricants

Quality products and competitive prices in your grasp.

Spare parts Agency

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

Marine Fuels

Delivering energy on a global scale!

VDR audits

Navigation Audits Using VDR.

Ship supplies

Asked for a price? Well we don’t do just that!

Marine Inspections & Surveys

In may 2020, Gram Marine added in her services marine inspections.

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