Marine Lubricants

Quality products and competitive prices in your grasp!


Gram Marine is an official reseller of SHELL marine lubricant products. As such, we have a substantial fleet of vessels contracted with SHELL and serve them within the vast network of SHELL throughout the globe.

As quality of product & service is essential, we offer RLA testing for free for all our contracted customers. Additionally, our experience SHELL logistics & modus operandi gives our clients a major advantage when they choose SHELL regarding lead times, solid information on availability & timely delivery.
Following a diversification path for some years, Gram Marine has now built a great network of reliable suppliers in key trade locations of the present & future. These include various ports of Southeast Asia, East & West Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. Hence, we offer the whole spectrum of brands & products choosing only distributors or physicals that share the same values with us.
Official Reseller

List of Services

Marine Lubricants

Quality products and competitive prices in your grasp.

Spare parts Agency

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

Marine Fuels

Delivering energy on a global scale!

VDR audits

Navigation Audits Using VDR.

Ship supplies

Asked for a price? Well we don’t do just that!

Cargo Trading

Gram Marine Pte Ltd now offers the full broad spectrum of refinery products.

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