VDR audits

Navigation Audits Using VDR!


The main advantages of VDR / SVDR analysis, is that by studying / evaluating fleet relative data on a regular basis can arrest a casualty from its occurrence at near-miss stages, helping ship management companies to get useful evidence and suggest improvements, thereby training the manpower (shore & ship) on compliances and good practices.

In particular an effective, accurate and proper documented VDR / SVDR analysis report, can be considered as very efficient tool for, ship management companies, in the following fields:
  • Providing valuable information about near-misses o/b.
  • Assisting for creating procedures to avoid accidents.
  • Design “tool” for training schemes.
  • Effective controlling of performance productivity.
  • Assisting in safety improvement.
  • Minimisation of running costs including Fuel savings / equipment statuses etc.
There are further advantages when VDR / SVDR analysis reports are carried out by a third-party. Personality and bias can be removed from the assessment process and an impartial assessment of both company procedures and bridge team performance made. Analysis of the assessment and recommendations for improvement can then be made to managers ashore as well as to masters and officers at sea.
Safety of Navigation

We conduct real-time navigational audits/assessments, (static or dynamic) worldwide, with the purpose of checking the general navigation competence onboard a vessel.

Navigational audits/assessments (static , dynamic) are carried out to verify safety of navigation, ensure effective and consistent application of navigational practices and bridge procedures in accordance with regulatory and industry requirements (TMSA /BMSA).
Audits/Assessments are conducted by qualified persons with experience, knowledge and training in today’s navigation procedures and techniques.
The Audits/Assessments may also be complemented by training of Bridge Team.
Remote Navigational Audit Using VDR Data

During this service, we playback and fully review any 12/90 – hour VDR downloaded data against your company’s Navigational Policies & Procedures, Navigational Regulations & Standards and Industry’s Best Practices.

After completion of the review, we record and communicate findings and provide you with a comprehensive VDR Data Analysis Report which will enclose detailed information (as derived from VDR data retrieval) regarding vessel’s compliance with the International Regulations, Navigational Standards and Company’s Policies & Procedures.
The service is conducted and documented / verified by a team comprising of a Master Mariner with Oil Tankers experience and a Navigation Assessment Expert .
A best practice has been proven to be VDR analysis to be conducted every six months and be followed by an annual bridge team performance report.
Assessors Team
In order to achieve an in depth, comprehensive and widespread VDR/SVDR analysis, Nav Audits and Nav Assessments , an assessor team consisting by three members (one specialized on Navigation aspects, one in SMS maritime audits / incident investigations and the third one in engine Department inspections) was created.
The team is coordinated by Mr. Demetrios Paliatsos, Vice Admiral (Ret.) Hellenic Navy, Navigation Assessor, Cert. No.: NA2018076/NI

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VDR audits

Navigation Audits Using VDR.

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